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Personal Projects v2 - 6 years ago

This is what you're looking at now :)

Enough said.


Would You Rathers v2 - 7 years ago

After the **cough**success**cough** I knew I wanted to improve on The SEO on the site wasn't great as shown by my google results. Admittedly getting into the top 10 of Would You Rather is very difficult. Harder still when you're new to that domain.

So the new site was to keep the same basic idea but make it searchable, index all of the pages and social friendly. Whilst also adding some new features into the site.

Plus, as a developer rewriting sites is what I do. I always have enjoyed it and its what keeps me in front of my competition... (he thinks)

Also new design patterns were undertaken whilst writing this site where JS OO is concerned. I think its good. But when I look at the code now I do think... ekkk, did I have a clue of how or what I was doing :D


Would You Rathers v1 - 8 years ago

I have always been fascinated by the game Would You Rather. From as early as I can remember. One day I came up with a particularlly bad wyr. Ever since that day I told myself that I would make a Would You Rather website.

I had to wait long enough so that my coding and website skills were good enough to bring this to life. I'd also need a design.

One day whilst at Tribal DDB I was talking with the designers about Would You Rathers and somehow got one to agree to design me a site. I didn't think that he would do it. But after one weekend he showed me the design. I was blown away by it.

I obviously had to make the site after this.

Written with a small custom MVC in PHP I set about my task.

So here is my Would You Rathers website :D I love it.


Bulletboys v6 - 11 years ago

The final version of the Bulletboys site. Haven't updated the site past this point as stopped playing.

Having already built the DB structure this was more just about making the CMS more user friendly so i could easily add results, edit fixtures, added members photos and much more.

Still my CSS skills weren't up to much as you tell if you look at the site. I was still using tables only 4 years ago.


Bulletboys v5 - 12 years ago

With the previous version still using manual updating of stats and my experience with PHP & MySQL with the website i decided to try and tackle a DB driven site.

I must say I think I did well with this site. The DB infrastructure is still intact and online. I built a complete CMD, my first of many. But overall a lot of SQL complications were tackled with this site.

I entered all the Bulletboys stats that I had recorded over the last 4 years, game by game. This is why I love websites and was part of the reason I got into web development at all. Stats. I love them and really for whatever reason I would love to do more with the stats I have at my finger tips... This is a talk for another day.

This was also the first real site where I started to talk CSS.


Bulletboys v4 aka FAK - 12 years ago

With everybody going off to uni and myself and Jasper still wanting to play powerleague football we decided to create a spin off from Bulletboys. We found some reduced football shirts at soccer sports. FAK was born....

It died after 2 seasons as we wen't finishing top, only second. But still, it meant I would create and design another site.

This would start off the DB as it happened. Not the full CMS, but my first attempt at a CMS.

I used iframes to keep the data in one place, but of course this had its limitations. I was slowly getting the idea that DB's were bloody amazing.

HTMLCSS - 13 years ago

When I left my boyhood football club Wood Green Old Boys we moved to Mayfield Athletic. It happened that we played for the 3rd team. So I decided to make a dedicated website for this side.

This was the first site that I ever used PHP and MySQL. In fact it was the first time I had ever heard of MySQL and PHP. The joy I experience when I saw my first datetime stamp really was magical to me.

Previously I had been trying to use access and hosting it on my server that had a storage of 25mb's. Once I managed to get this route working.

CSSHTML v1 - 13 years ago

Not much to say about this if you ask me.

This was my first ever portfolio and I had just about scrapped 4 sites that I had loosely worked on. heh, makes me happy to look at this.

I had this online for 6 years. So I couldn't have been that embarrassed now could I?

Truth be told I stole all of the CSS and markup from another portfolio that I saw that I very much enjoyed (at the time)

The designs were my own though. I was getting into it all back then for whatever reason.


Bulletboys v3 - 15 years ago

The first time I ever used JavaScript. All be it as a plugin and really all I had to do was copy paste in what was given to me. It was still a site with a multi level navigation.

This site was the site to use the stats in multiple places. I updated it all by hand.... Wow, with 8 players and multiple pages with stats.

I was ordering the stats with Dreamweaver and tables.


Bulletboys v2 - 15 years ago

With the rapid need for more video space, the 25mb's given at netfirms wasn't enough to hold all of the videos that i had put together. I looked for new hosting and found 100mbs for £5 a month. From or something similar to this.

This is also when we registered the domain name.


Bulletboys v1 - 17 years ago

This was the first ever site i built way back in year 11 whilst at Fortismere. Heh, still makes me happy to look at this.